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“Something weighty”: Chief Justice Menon ex temps the standard required for a court to exercise its discretion to not refer a dispute to arbitration

In Sim Chay Koon and others v NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative Limited [2015] SCGA 46, the Singapore Court of Appeal considered the proper relationship between the courts and arbitration, and the circumstances in which a court should ignore the existence of an arbitration agreement and allow a party to bring its dispute before the courts. The dispute concerned a class action for an alleged breach of employment terms and wrongful termination. In an ex tempore judgment Sundaresh Menon CJ referred to s 21(1) of the Arbitration Act, which provides: The

Singapore High Court confirms the application of Kompetence-Kompetence

In The Titan Unity, the Singapore High Court considered an application to stay court proceedings in favour of arbitration. The claimant had commenced court proceedings in Singapore relating to the defendant’s failure to deliver a cargo under certain bills of lading.  The defendant applied for a stay of the proceedings in favour of arbitration under section 6 of the International Arbitration Act (“IAA“) on the basis that an arbitration clause in a separate time charter party between the parties had been incorporated into the bills of lading. The claimant denied